Root Canals

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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the name for the small channel that runs down the center of the tooth where the blood vessels and nerve tissue are located. It is also the common name of the procedure used to treat infection or damage in the root of your tooth.


How Do I Know if I need a Root Canal?

There are several symptoms that may signal the need for a root canal. They are very easy to spot and can be checked by your trusted dentist in Travelers Rest, SC. Symptoms for root infection or inflammation include:

  • Swelling near or around a tooth.
  • Tenderness near or around a tooth.
  • Pain when pressure is applied to a tooth.
  • Pain during chewing.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Tooth begins darkening.
  • Bumps begin to appear on the gums around or near the tooth.

If you have experienced any of these painful or uncomfortable symptoms, you will need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Decay or damage to the root can cause other serious problems, including the spread of infection to other teeth or even loss of multiple teeth.

How are Root Canals Done?

Root canal therapy is a common dental treatment which results in the elimination of bacteria and inflammation inside an infected tooth. During this process, your dentist will remove any decay or debris surrounding the area and will clean out all of the damaged “pulp” inside the tooth. Once the tissue has been removed, the remaining empty tooth is filled with specialized dental materials designed to preserve the tooth and prevent further issues from occurring. Despite the common fear associated with root canal surgeries, this procedure is often a one-time experience which yields results that can last a lifetime.

Why are Root Canals Important?

When your tooth has become infected, a root canal may be the only option for saving the tooth. A root canal can not only save your natural tooth, but prevent the spread of infection. Untreated infection or inflammation around a tooth root can lead to:

  • An dental abscess.
  • Bacterial infections in your blood, known as sepsis.
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