Tooth Extractions

Unfortunately there are times when the removal of a tooth is needed. Our dental professionals will ensure that you’re taken care of every step of the way.

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Continued tooth aches, jaw pain, or swelling gums can really slow you down. They may also be a sign of a more serious problem that can’t be solved with over the counter pain relievers. Sometimes teeth must be removed to solve dental pain or infection and make your mouth healthy again.

To soothe your pain and answer your concerns, it may be time to see your trusted dentist in Travelers Rest, SC. Carolina Oaks Dental Care is here to relieve your toothaches and get you the dental treatment you need. We will make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed while we work with you to renew your dental health.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

There can be different dental issues that require a tooth extraction. Here are the main reasons you might need a tooth extraction:

Impacted Tooth

A tooth that is impacted has become stuck in the gums, and cannot continue to erupt. These troublesome teeth can create other dental issues and often cause constant pain. An impacted tooth can either be stuck beneath the surface or partially breaking through the gum. These conditions create continued swelling of the gums, increased chances of infection, and can create opportunities for tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth

The most well-known and often most common type of tooth extraction is wisdom teeth removal. Last to erupt, these teeth often cause a variety of health problems. They are often impacted or partially impacted, and sometimes even come out in the wrong direction. Food can become trapped under gums of partially impacted wisdom teeth, which causes bacteria to build up This often results in cavities and damage to the surrounding structures. They are often more difficult to clean and can easily become diseased or decayed. For the continued health of your teeth, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted.


Sometimes teeth will start to block the natural eruption of other teeth. In this case, your trusted dentist in Travelers Rest, SC will need to remove the tooth to create room for a new tooth to erupt. The gentle and highly experienced dentists at Carolina Oaks work to make each patient comfortable during any procedure.

Decay or Damage

Any tooth that is decayed or damaged past repair must be extracted. However, your dentist will always work with you to save any natural tooth.

Tooth Ache

Preparing for Your Tooth Extraction

Before you begin any tooth extractions, your dentist will talk to you about your medical history and personal health to decide if you are a viable candidate for the procedure.

People with recent chemotherapy treatments have weakened immune systems and may not be a candidate for tooth extraction for some time.

Smokers must be sure to stop smoking for at least 24 hours prior to the extraction. This helps lower the risk of developing a condition known as dry socket, which can be very uncomfortable.
Patients who are on a bisphosphonate medication for osteoporosis will need to discuss options with their dentist beforehand. Extraction procedures completed after taking bisphosphonate medications can increase the chances of postoperative complications.

Tooth Extraction Procedures

While many people become nervous about tooth extraction, it is a very simple procedure that can be done conveniently in the comfort of our office. Here are the main steps of the procedure:

  1. The gentle staff at Carolina Oaks Dental Care will go over the procedure with you and provide you with sedation options.
  1. The dentist will carefully use an instrument called an elevator to gently apply leverage to the tooth.
  1. After the tooth is loosened, the dentist will use forceps to carefully remove the tooth.
  1. For more difficult teeth, the dentist may use a surgical extraction procedure.

Surgical Extractions

For more severely impacted teeth or damaged teeth, surgical extractions will be needed. This is the most common process used for removing wisdom teeth. To prepare you for any procedure, the dentist will provide thorough information and a complete consultation. We want you to be an active part of every aspect of your dental care.